Day one

Wake up, …I wake up to feeling OK, its 6:30 am, I’m up grabbing some coffee headed up to the cave for the morning cigarette. In my container a half of a subutex is calling my name, but my addiction is telling me to hold off…. I might be able to get something! It used to be heroin for 8 years I battled that monkey… Beat it …its been almost 2yrs in Dec. The 19th to be exact, but I do pills now. Its been about 7months doing vikes, percs. Lately it’s just been percs. I know people will say you’ll go back to heroin…..yea … No… I would have already. I look at it like I do cocaine…i hate it, really do….some of you know what I’m saying others might think I’m full of s*$t. But this isn’t my first ride. I’m 43 and I’ve seen some things. I’m going to stop right here and see what happens. I’ve never done a blog don’t know what to expect.